HTML Documentation F1 Login Start button
Open User Folder F12 Login as default shift + Start button
Info Window F11 Macro development mode alt or control + Start button
PNG or TIFF Format f Macro development mode run clipboard space + Start button
Suffix Naming F2 Help Menu Help Button
Suffix Rename Choice 1 q Close All windows Close button
Suffix Rename Choice 2 w Close All non-image windows shift + Close button
Suffix Rename Choice 3 e Close All images alt or control + Close button
Suffix Rename Choice 4 shift + Q Close All but the top-most image space + Close button
Suffix Rename Choice 5 shift + W Foreground Mask Red Mask button
Suffix Rename Choice 6 shift + E Foreground mask + Invert Selection shift + Red Mask button
Red Channel Only 1 Background Mask Blue Mask button
Green Channel Only 2 Background Mask + Crop Selection shift + Blue Mask button
Blue Channel Only 3 Additional Macros 'Brown Box' button
All Channels 4
Red and Green Channels 5
Red and Blue Channels 6
Green and Blue Channels 7
Convert to RGB 8
Manual Point Count F3
Assisted Point Count with Find Maxima F4
Start of Measurement Analysis F5
Assisted Thresholding F6
Threshold Region Creation F7
Completion of Measurement Analysis F8
Auto Measure Batch F10
Threshold Up x
Threshold Down z
Threshold Toggle c
Batch Renamer r
Region Mask Batch m
Open Saved Region 9
Show Region Toggle 0
Show Overlay Toggle i
Overlay from Region o
Points from Region p
Example Image Generator Manual shift + V
Example Image Generator Auto v
Custom Histograms h
Random Code Assignment shift + R
Random Sampling Grid g
Random Sampling Grid Check shift + G
Manual Calibration Scaling k
Set Base Calibration shift + K